4 Health and Fitness Apps to Support Your Transformation (Compatible with iPhone and Android)

So many health and fitness apps — but which are truly worth your time and money? We did the hard work for you, and picked 4 of the worthiest.

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Need a ride into town? There's an app for that (depending on your location, this could be Uber, Lyft, Wheely, or Grab). Or want someone to cover over — like, now — to help you run an errand? There’s an app for that, too (think: TaskRabbit).

There's an app for just about everything these days.

This begs the question: what about apps that help you stay consistent on your fitness journey? Because, as we all know, even the best of us can’t do without that little external push on impossibly hard days.

Well, good news: there are plenty of health and fitness apps around. And even sweeter news? No need to go sifting on your own. We've done the hard work for you and picked 4 of the best health and fitness apps (for iPhone and Android) worth your time and money*.

*Yep, they’re all paid apps — but, as you’ll soon come to see, the impact they’ll have on you is worth every cent.

#1: Carbon — Smart Diet Coach

Step 1: Track everything you eat on MyFitnessPal over your day. Step 2: Review your total intake; 2,368 calories, with 50% going to carbs, 30% to protein, and 20% to fat.

Step 3: Um, what now?

Tracking your food intake on a "traditional" calorie-counting app is a great first step to understanding your unique eating patterns. But TBH, it doesn't really do much beyond simply telling you how many calories and/or grams of macronutrients you've eaten.

You don’t get any guidance on how you should tweak your dietary habits to progress toward your fitness goals … like:

How often you should eat for weight loss:

How Often Should You Eat For Weight Loss?
Some experts recommend 2 meals a day - while others call for 6 meals daily. Which approach is right? How often should you eat, really? Get the answer here.

Whether you should eat carbs before your workout or not:

Should You Eat Carbs Before Your Workout?
Eating carbs before your workout might seem like such an obvious thing to do - but does it really help with your lifting performance? Let’s see.

How to create delicious high-protein meal plans:

How To Create Delicious Meal Plans for a High Protein Diet
There are countless meal plans suitable for a high-protein diet. But? None show you how to tailor recipes to your needs. So, let’s change that.

Things are different with Carbon — Smart Diet Coach. Living up to its name, this app basically does everything a regular nutrition coach would do, but at a fraction of the cost.

More specifically, it’ll:

1️⃣ Tailor a nutrition plan based on your goals (e.g., “maintain”, “lose weight”, and “build muscle mass”) and dietary preferences (e.g., “balanced”, “low carb”, “low fat”, or “plant-based”), THEN

2️⃣ Help you track your food intake, making sure you stick to the nutrition plan, THEN

3️⃣ Ask you to do frequent check-ins, so the app can make the necessary adjustments (e.g., lower calories or tweak macronutrient ratios) to keep you progressing toward your goal

And the cherry on top: it'll even teach you how to eat to keep your results once you’ve reached your goal.

Uh-huh. This 100% belongs on our list of “must-download” fitness apps:
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#2: HealthyWage

Motivated by money?

If yes (because #capitalism, and who isn’t?), and you’re looking to see those numbers on the weighing scale decrease, meet, HealthyWage: a platform that financially rewards weight loss. Or, in other words, with this app, you'll get paid for losing weight.

(We know it sounds like a scam. But we checked it out, and it's legitimate. Click here for proof.)

How big of a payday are we talking about, exactly, though? This varies according to three factors: 1) how much weight you’re planning to lose, 2) the timeframe you’re working with, and 3) your monthly bet amount.

We had a go with HealthyWage’s calculator here and found that …

  1. Losing 22.7 kg (50 pounds)
  2. In 6 months
  3. With a monthly bet of $900

… would entitle us to a prize range of anywhere between $5,880 to $6,600. Note: the final payout will depend on a couple more factors, like your current weight and gender, but, in general, it'll be more than your initial "investment" — provided you successfully lose the weight, of course.

That said, while the potential cash winnings are tempting, bear in mind that your monthly bet amounts are strictly non-refundable. Fail to meet your target weight, and *poof* you lose all your money. Gone. You know what they say: skin in the game.

So, if you’re confident you can successfully lose a certain amount of weight in a specific timeframe (just please, please, please don’t bet anything you can’t afford to lose) …

With the potential of winning money, HealthyWage is just one of those fitness apps you’ll have to get your hands on:
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#3: SleepScore

How important is good sleep to your fitness journey? Very.

You can find proof in this 2018 systematic review published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. According to the researchers, just 3 consecutive nights of bad sleep can reduce your maximal force output.

And we all know what that does to your training volume (training load = sets x reps x load lifted) — and, as a result, your #gains.

But what if you just can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep no matter what you do?

First, you'd want to check out this article; in it, we share 5 evidence-based tips designed to rocket you into dreamland.

Secrets To Getting A Good Night’s Sleep
Finding it tough to fall - and stay - asleep? Here are 5 science-backed tips that’ll help you get a better sleep nightly, so you perform and look your best.

Um, still no luck finding the ZZZs? Then maybe SleepScore can help. Here’s how:

  1. Get a nightly SleepScore based on the quantity (i.e., duration) and quality of your sleep (e.g., time to fall asleep, duration spent in light/deep/REM sleep, and wake time)
  2. Receive personalized advice and recommendations for improving sleep based on your sleep data
  3. Implement the recommendations and track your SleepScore over time to spot trends that can help keep you on the path to consistently great sleep

It’s not just fitness apps that deserve your attention.

Health apps, like SleepScore, that help you function at your best, so you can do your best during your workouts, do, too:
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#4: GymStreak — Workout Planner (👋)

*ahem* Saving the best for the last … we have GymStreak — Workout Planner. Yes, in case you haven’t realized, that’s us.

So, why are we plugging ourselves into this list of health and fitness apps you must have? Answer: because we’re convinced of the value we bring.

Chances are, if you’ve ever tried to come up with a workout plan, you’d know just how much of a headache it is. There are so many things you need to account for, like your (*deep breath*):

  • Unique training goals (and it’s not just about “building muscle” — but also about where, specifically, you’d like to prioritize, like your abs, shoulders, or glutes)
  • Optimal training volume, which depends on your lifting experience
  • Preferred training split (e.g., full-day, push-pull-legs, or body-focused?)
  • Accessibility to equipment … can you go to the gym on all training days, or will you have to work with bodyweight exercises/resistance bands on some days?

… and even then, those considerations are just the tip of the iceberg. We haven’t even talked about things like progressive overloading, mobility work, or active recovery days.

GymStreak eliminates the headache of planning your workouts.

Powered by AI, this smart workout planner generates a tailored and auto-adjusting workout program based on your unique fitness goals and lifestyle preferences.

That means you can head to — and perform — every workout with the assurance that you’re doing exactly what you need to achieve your dream body. What a relief.

Plus, that’s not all. GymStreak also helps you:

🗒️ Log your workout sessions. So, you stay accountable and consistent with your workout plan.

🍲 Track your calories. (*cough* ditch Carbon if you only have space for one app out of all these health and fitness apps *cough*)

🏋️ Perfect your exercise technique. We offer a comprehensive library of 3D exercise animations, so you can quickly see how to perform any exercise with the proper form — from any angle.

🤓 Brush up on your fitness and nutrition knowledge. With our helpful, detailed articles … right here.

What can we say? GymStreak is truly a must-have out of all these health and fitness apps:
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Workout Programming + Nutrition Tracking, Off Your Hands

*sigh of relief* We'll guide you through it all — step-by-step. Just download the app, and you'll be making progress toward your dream body like never before.